Terms And Conditions

Please read the terms below. The following guidelines outline the procedures the Arts Council of New Westminster will follow in case of unlikely events.

In cases of moderate rain:
Event continues as planned. Artist will be provided option to cancel on location. If Artist chooses to cancel, payment will not be provided.

In cases of severe weather:
Considered an ‘’act of god’, artist will be cancelled. Artist will be paid in this circumstance. Decision to cancel will be made at start of performance and not any sooner.

Artist does not show:
Every attempt is made by Arts Council staff to make contact. Artist will not be booked for the rest of the program, provided no legitimate excuse is proven.

Artist arrives on location late:
Artist will be asked to play overtime for the amount lost. For example, if the artist is 15 minutes past performance time to the location, they will be asked to perform for 15 extra minutes at the end.

Artist cancels:
A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel a performance. Otherwise, the staff will follow procedure of ‘artist does not show’.

Equipment provided by ACNW is inoperable / broken:
Every attempt is made on both parties to complete performance. Payment will still be made if fault is under the ACNW.

Artist changes personnel from contract:
Cheque is held and reissued depending on circumstance. No artist will be paid more than original contract.

In case of medical emergency:
Performance is cancelled, and performer is paid.