NMG Curators offer a series of virtual, illustrated talks reflecting on New Media Gallery exhibitions and artists. Referencing some of the 140 international artists and 25 exhibitions curated by NMG Curators in the last six years, and giving behind-the-scenes insights into the development of small group exhibitions with artists from around the world. There will be time for open discussion at the end of each session.

Jul 30th 7pm-8pm: Design & Installation Considerations for Small International Exhibitions.

Virtual Platform

1 Hour + Open Discussion

Speakers Gordon Duggan Executive Director-Curator + Sarah Joyce Director-Curator

On Tuesday December 6th the Arts Council hosted “Tourism Tuesdays” at the Gallery in Queens Park. Once again an opportunity for stakeholders in the community for “getting to know you”.

The pillars of a livable city are Arts, Tourism and Business. With mutual collaboration we will succeed in building a thriving New Westminster.

Over fifty guests enjoyed networking, refreshments and a chance to visit our celebrated Christmas Treasure Room.

For more information visit Tourism New Westminster website