Mystery Music in Art

Residents of New Westminster created art inspired by mystery music without any background information. More information about the piece, composer, performers, and supporting artist at the bottom of the page.

“The goal of this project was to keep the music and art alive during a time of isolation, and inspiring a hopeful future for all listeners and viewers. I recommend listening to the music as you browse through the works of art.” ~ Lisa Matsugu (Flutist and Project Leader)

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About the piece, composer, performers and supporting artist
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Mystery Music: The Two Rivers by Anze Rozman

“As the title suggests, the piece is very flowing in nature and talks about two entities joining into one, but the story line is open to interpretation. For me, the melody lines that evolve throughout the music suggest the introspective thoughts of each of the two rivers, the two souls, and join up in the end into one uniform entity.” -Anze Rozman

Composer: Anze Rozman

Anze Rozman is a composer of music for media (film, tv, video, games, etc.) and concert music. Born in Slovenia in 1989, Anze now lives in Los Angeles as a composer at Bleeding Fingers Music.

Flutist and Project Leader: Lisa Matsugu

New Westminster Secondary School graduate and current McGill University student majoring in music education and minoring in jazz performance on trombone. Lisa loves to teach, collaborate with others, and play ultimate frisbee.

Flutist: Adelina Steinmetz

Originally from Rhode Island and currently studying music education at McGill University. Her love of stories has spurred her endeavors in different arts: writing, drawing, painting, language, and music.

Pianist: Leon Fei

Based in BC, Leon is studying piano performance and composition at the University of Victoria.

Supporting Artist (banner design): Weiwei Wu

New Westminster Secondary School graduate and currently a 2D and experimental animation student at Emily Carr University of Arts and Design. 

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