How to work with us

Are you interested in creating public programming for the community?

Do you have an idea for a community-based project/program that needs a venue or the support of a local arts organization? If your idea is arts-based, open to the public, and there’s no cost to participate, then consider applying for a programming partnership with the Arts Council of New Westminster. The ACNW will sponsor the rental costs of our facilities and possibly provide additional resources, such as a PA system, art supplies, tables, tents, and chairs. Your public programming activities could be one-off, weekly, or monthly and should run no longer than 2 hours. For ease of booking, our spaces are available starting at 10 am, 1 pm, and 7 pm. These will be consistent times throughout the week.

Here’s a list of public programming examples (but we’re open to any ideas):

round tables

series of classes

With this programming partnership, we won’t charge any rental costs for using our spaces/resources for free public programming for the community.

However, if you’re charging a participation fee (for example, if you’re putting on a workshop or concert and people pay to enter), there would be a subsidized fee for the room rental fees and potentially for any of the equipment. Each time you use these spaces, you receive an approximately 80% subsidy of the actual rental cost.

The subsidized rental fees are:

Gallery use is $20 per use. (available 7 days per week)
Centennial Lodge Main Hall is $30 per weekly use (Available Mon to Thurs)
Centennial Lodge Main Hall is $40 for a single monthly use. (Available Mon to Thurs)

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Do you have a programming idea and want to partner with the ACNW?

What we’ll need from you is a clear sense of your needs. So your proposal should include:

  1. Complete programming Idea
  2. Date(s) and frequency of programming
  3. Space needs
  4. Equipment needs (tables, chairs, PA system, projector)
  5. Incubator idea or One-off?

Print off this form, fill it out, and sent it to or drop it off in person at The Gallery at Queen’s Park.

Preferably we would like to receive your proposals with enough lead time to plan for them. Please give yourself a three-month window after you’ve received a positive reply from us. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and adjudicated on February 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st. A community jury will assess applications every three months and select proposals based on suitability and alignment with our core values and operational needs.

Print off Application Form

I have an arts-based business, can I partner with the ACNW?

While we can’t support the ongoing operation of an arts-based business (as it would be unfair to other arts-based businesses to allow for ongoing subsidy for use of these spaces), we can help you with the incubation of a new idea or the development of a new aspect of your business. Whether that’s building a customer base, launching a new initiative, or conducting market testing, we would be open to working with you for a limited amount of time. For a proposal like this, we would ask you to submit your proposal that includes an overview that describes your initiative or your incubation idea. Your proposal should include a SMART goal. These goals need to be measurable, and it needs to be for a certain amount of time. Your request can’t go on in perpetuity. You will need to outline your objectives, what you hope to achieve, and the outcomes. This way, we can know that we’ve reached success, and your idea can transition back into other community spaces.

We want to hear from you

If this sounds interesting to you, bring your community-based arts ideas. We’d love to work with you. We’d love to support you in using the Centennial Lodge or The Gallery at Queen’s Park in providing value-added activities for the community to engage in, to enjoy, to be educated by, and to bring community together to the arts.

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