About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 1967, The Arts Council of New Westminster is a community arts organization built by individuals and member groups who share an interest in visual, performing and literary arts. The Arts Council’s role in the community is to advocate for the arts and foster support for those engaging in artistic and cultural endeavours.


Ensuring the arts have a vibrant and beneficial presence in the city; being the catalyst that brings people together through the arts, thereby enhancing the lives of community members; working to make the arts an essential part of the fabric of our community.


Be the hub for the arts and artists in New Westminster

The Arts Council meets our mission of being this hub through fostering, supporting and promoting arts for all age groups, cultures and Indigenous community members. We do this by:
• Acting as an information and resource centre for artistic and cultural projects
• Advocating for and supporting the arts and artists in our city
• Facilitating arts and cultural events in New Westminster
• Providing advocacy for and representation of the arts at all governmental levels
• Providing opportunities for community to come together through the enjoyment and experience of the arts and arts events
• Being an arts and culture community partner across a variety of sectors in New Westminster

Core Values

Inspiration and Artistic Excellence:
Providing meaningful experiences in a welcoming environment for visitors, participants and volunteers by offering a variety of high-quality artistic experiences for all ages; and creating opportunities to nurture and support our artists, so they may continue to grow and strive for artistic excellence.
Diversity and Recognition:
Creating a broad range of programs and gallery exhibitions to reflect the diversity of our community; and being inclusive and respectful of all cultures which have influenced both the history of and present day New Westminster.
Involving and reaching out to others in formal, informal, new and established projects and working with the City and other like-minded community groups to ensure an arts presence in all celebrations and events.
Partnering with the Indigenous Communities:
Holding and creating space for Indigenous communities so as to provide opportunities to engage in artistic experiences and performances; and creating an awareness and appreciation of Indigenous cultures within the larger community of New Westminster.
Ensuring the use of fair and transparent processes that adhere to principles of accountability, independence, merit, and equity.
Communications and Engagement:
Ensuring active communication and community engagement through our approach to planning, strategic directions and goals and program development, so as to serve and maintain relevancy to members and to the community.

What We Do

The Arts Council structure is shown schematically below:

Strategic Plan

In the spring of 2018, the Board of Directors created a Strategic Plan to guide the ACNW over the next three years. To see the ACNW – Strategic Plan 2018-2021, click here.

To view the previous ACNW – Strategic Plan 2015-2018, click here.
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