REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Short Term Digital Marketing Contractor

Rediscover New West Campaign

The ReDiscover New West campaign is a campaign developed in collaboration with the City of New Westminster, Downtown New Westminster BIA, Uptown Business Association, Tourism New West, New West Chamber of Commerce, and the Arts Council of New Westminster to support and promote New Westminster businesses as they work toward recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. We seek a qualified, New Westminster based contractor(s) to provide: 

·        Blog writing services

·        Social media management services

·        WordPress-based website updates

We encourage BIPOC and equity-seeking individuals or companies to submit. Priority will be given to New Westminster-based businesses or individuals. We recognize the tight timeline of this RFP and encourage you to send a summary proposal in an email – further information may be requested if needed. 


The ReDiscover New West campaign is a campaign designed to promote New Westminster-based businesses from a variety of sectors. The first leg of the campaign focused on restaurants and eateries, and the next leg of the campaign will focus on retail businesses. The leg is expected to be 4-6 weeks. The campaign takes place mainly through an online or digital delivery. 

Scope of Work:

The contractor will be responsible for three main areas during the 4-6 week period. What is outlined below is the minimum expectation and we encourage applicants to put their best foot forward and offer their creative approach. 

·        Creating blog posts that celebrate and highlight retail sectors and neighbourhoods in New Westminster. Copy should be tight and clean, and ready for publication. These will be developed in conjunction with the planning team but the contractor should be able to provide editorial suggestions and content ideas. Approximately 10-12 posts will be required during this leg of the campaign. 

·        Managing social media content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on behalf of the campaign. This may look like 5 hours a week, or approximately 15 posts a week across all platforms, but flexibility and adaptability will be required based on engagement and milestones in the campaign. While some digital assets will be supplied, the contractor will be required to use stock imagery and unique, catchy, relevant posts to get the message across that are appropriate for each platform. Avoiding formulaic posts is key; the campaign needs a voice. 

·    Approving and refining submitted listings on a WordPress based business directory. Training will be provided.

BUDGET: $3,500-$4,000 inclusive of GST. 

Submission of proposal:

Deadline to apply: April 8th, 2021

Work to commence April 19, 2021