The Arts Council of New Westminster (ACNW) Performing Arts Committee has identified the need for a one-day summer performing arts festival to take place in Queens Park Concert Bowl on August 11, 2018.  This dynamic, entertaining, new summer event will feature a variety of local performing arts groups and performers, engaging the community with vibrant arts programming and appealing to the different demographics within the community.

This one-day event will feature eight separate performance acts, performing for no-more than 40 minutes.  Event organization, marketing, and a stage crew will be provided by the New Westminster Arts Council and the Performing Arts Committee. 

We are looking for applications to perform at this exciting new event, by locally-based individuals, groups, or organizations.  As the focus of this event is on the performing arts, the Council and Committee are seeking applications from any interested performers in such applicable performance avenues as drama, comedy, song, dance, circus, etc

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Overall proposal suitability: How potentially engaging is this performance 
  • Diversity of the performance
  • Applicability of the performance for a community event
  • Viability of proposal
  • Technical expertise and experience of applicant

Applicants should provide the following information as part of their proposal for consideration:

  • Description of experience in planning, rehearsing, and performing in the community.
  • List of how many performers are involved
  • Detailed description of the performance proposed
  • Estimated length of performance
  • Equipment needed for performance (Please see list of venue provided equipment. We will provide additional equipment where possible, but please note we cannot accommodate all additional equipment requirements)

The proposal should be no longer than two pages. Keep information as brief as possible.

The New Westminster Arts Council and Performing Arts Council have established a modest budget for this event.  Each performance group will be given a modest honorarium.

Questions about RFP process and eligibility may be directed to Stefanie Swinnard, ACNW Performing Arts Committee Chair at

All successful applicants will be required to be members of the Arts Council of New Westminster

Deadline: Please submit your proposal by March 31, 2018 at 5:00 pm. Following that time, proposals may be accepted and reviewed but no guarantees are provided.

Send ONE electronic copy with supporting documentation to

All submissions will be juried by a panel of professional artists, educators, and administrators between April 1st and 30th 2018.

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by April 30th , 2018

To download the entire RFP document as a PDF, click here

For more info, email