Request for Proposals: Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Consultant

Request for Proposals: Equity Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
Proposal Due Date: March 31, 2021

Project Overview

Founded in 1967, the Arts Council of New Westminster (ACNW) is a non-profit organization committed to a mission of bringing the arts to the centre of community life. We accomplish our mission through initiatives that focus on arts programming in the community, arts advocacy, and programs that nurture and support our local artists and arts organizations. The ACNW began its equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) journey in 2019, where we began a conversation about how bias impacts artists and arts programming, and potentially other stakeholders in New Westminster. The ACNW Board of Directors are developing a statement to publicly affirm its commitment to ensure that EDI will inform organization-wide efforts.

Project Goals

  1. Meaningful engagement with diverse communities within New Westminster.
  2. Written plan for the ACNW programs and operations to focus on, be effective, integrated and sustainable, and builds on ACNW’s EDI statement.
  3. Successful training of ACNW Board and Staff in principles of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

Scope of Work

Phase 1 – Internal

  • Diversity & Inclusion Auditing
  • Digital Media Scan
  • Board and Staff Training

Phase 2 – External

  • Community Stakeholder Engagement (monthly meeting Sept 2021 to June 2022)
  • Strategic Recommendations for action and long-term monitoring
  • Written Reports and Recommendations

Current Roadblocks/Barriers

The ACNW is seeking to meaningfully engage in this work and overcome structural biases that have become ingrained in the organization over its 54-year history.

Evaluation Metrics /Criteria

Proposal will be evaluated based on samples of your past work, a proven success record working with similar non-profits, your expertise and technical skills, and cost of services within our budgeted range.

Submission Criteria

  1. Description of your experience and/or organization overview
  2. 3 examples of past work in EDI consultation work
  3. Testimonials
  4. Project management methodology
  5. The consultant represents a Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color (BIPOC) owned business

Project Due by: June 30, 2022
Phase 1 – May 2021 – August 2021
Phase 2 – September 2021 – June 2022

Phase 1 – $5,000
Phase 2 – $5,000

Contact: Stephen O’Shea, Executive Director | | 604 525 3244

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